Flower reading

The practice of Flower Reading is a wonderful way to experience the energetic connections shared by all human beings, and I’ve been gifted with the ability to connect to this energy within a flower...

Flowers with a message

The heart is where ‘self’ love lies and where ‘healing’ takes place. My practice helps the participant feel, experience and get in touch with the divine that lies within all of us.  


“I connect from my heart to yours”


I work intuitively and use the healing qualities of flowers to help others. In the season (from April until November) I utilize the flowers from my own garden. They are all naturally grown without the use of any pesticides and I encourage many insects and bees to live in the garden to preserve nature’s intent.


Over the years, working with flowers and people in this way has become a real passion of mine. And my passion continues to grow on a daily basis when I see the self-love, self-reflective and happy moments developing in others.


Since I love to travel, I give flower readings at different locations all over the world. If you’re interested in experiencing a reading, I welcome you to contact me.

Flowers with a message

"We are always so excited to have Imke decorate our home.

Her fresh flower bouquets made from the heart for

everyone to enjoy."