Flowers with a Message: Imke den Hartog

Hello my dear flower lovers,

This month I would like to tell you about how I use flowers with their healing qualities to support us on our life path.

And how I work as a flower alchemist.

Flower Alchemist

Spiritual guidance to your true self

As a Flower Alchemist I use flowers to let you discover your beauty and let it emerge.

Through my channelling I highlight the qualities of flowers that reflect the healing qualities needed for you.

My connection to the Universe is completely open and during a Flower Reading I connect myself to you and the flower and that’s how I receive information needed to guide you on a more conscious path.

I will support you to embrace the obstacles of life and change your perception to start regarding it as nutrition for your soul: blossom into that precious flower you already are!

You can be as a flower in full acceptance of whatever you are presented with. Step by step we’re going to loosen the dark soil by letting more and more light in, so that you can obtain more clarity into your life with all her difficulties, uncertainties and obstacles. 

Flower Alchemist

Flower Style

Create that image of how a flower has grown from a small seed that contains all life potential into that expressive present flower. Flowers represent themselves completely as how they are with their fragile and pure energy. A flower lives to live, it is a pure expression of divine power.

A flower can mirror those parts in you that need to be addressed for you to get to the root of problems and difficulties.

Its energy will guide you to turn more inwards and to bring old emotions and convictions to the surface in order to transform them. It will let you tune into your own healing capacity.

The more you are able to connect inwards, the less you get triggered by influences from your surroundings. Challenges won’t disappear but the rough edges become softer and you will stop identifying with emotions. This will cultivate a gentler and more loving attitude towards yourself and with that, a more fulfilled life.

By connecting deeply to nature and the energy of flowers you will connect to yourself at a more profound level and develop a valuable sense of self.

Eventually, you yourself will blossom like a beautiful flower!

Book your Session today

Choose instinctively a flower to bring to your session and let me connect to its whole presence and being. I will be attracted to its shape, her leaves, her stem, her colours….

And petal by petal I will unravel those layers of stored memories to bring you onto your spiritual path of connection to your inner self.

“It is beautiful that the flower within its substance truly illustrates something about the person.”

Let’s do it together and
Blossom like a flower!

With love,


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