I love flowers and through the years I have learned to appreciate the healing power and the significance of flowers. I would like to tell you something about some of the great and wonderful qualities I admire so much about flowers. And why it makes working with them, almost everyday, such a great and learning adventure for me!

I see that flowers can help and guide our consciousness to transform our present being and nature.

Flowers can teach us the charm of silence and also the self-giving that demands nothing in exchange.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for ourselves and therefore to the world, if we could all live with these qualities to grow, live and blossom like a flower?

Just living for the sake of light.

Blossoming for the joy of being beautiful.

Smelling sweet and expressing all the joy of living.

To be open, generous and kind.

A flower is open to all that surrounds it,

like; nature, light, the rays of the sun, the wind, the rain.

It radiates joy and beauty.

A flower hides nothing of its own beauty, more even, it flows frankly out of itself.

A flower shows, to everybody that surrounds it, all that is inside and what lies in depth.

A joy for us to see and absorb.

Everyone can enjoy the beauty and perfume of the flower.

It makes no difference or preference between anybody.

A flower is so tender, so sweet, so loving, so close to us, it is always cheerful and happy and its presence fills us with joy.

Flowers and trees have a huge urge to move and push themselves towards the light.

They will make sure that they always grow in the direction of the light. If you walk in a forest filled with trees you can see them struggling to catch the light. Twisting themselves in all possible ways to be in the sun. Their whole life is a worship of light.

If we look at a flower very closely with the right attention and we study all these refined qualities of the flowers, it can teach us so much about our self and about life. 

It can teach us and show us thàt what we need to know in order to grow and blossom like a flower!

We have to remember that we all have a beautiful flower inside.

Let it shine and blossom and therefore inspire everyone around us as well!

If I take all the qualities of a flower together, the most important thing I notice is that:

a flower just ‘IS’.

May every flower inspire you for the best in your life!!


Lets all Blossom like a Flower……

With Love