People choose and bring their own flower and I connect to the energy of the flower. The beauty and the shape of the flower tells everything about the person bringing the flower. I look at the shape, the colour, the smell and the natural habitat of the flower. All this together, somehow, very unpredictable gives us the right information and helps us to connect to ourselves. It gives insight in our lives. Its a nurturing tool for us to feel more complete. Flower reading is something that you have to experience, rather then it is to be explained, since it works in such a subtile way. However with such profound effects.

Flower reading

Flower reading

Flower Reading is something better experienced than explained.


“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -


The practice of Flower Reading is a wonderful way to experience the energetic connections shared by all human beings, and I’ve been gifted with the ability to connect to this energy within a flower. Participants choose their own blossom and through it’s shape, color, smell and it’s natural habitat, I am able to gain profound insight into the life of the person.

Together, we will explore your path and begin to help heal any spiritual imbalances within you. The entire experience is very nurturing and most often culminates in a sort of mental “awakening”. 


If you’re interested in booking a Flower Reading, either privately or in a group environment,

I’d love to hear from you.


Frederike - Flower Reading

"Imke is one the most loving persons I know. And as I have known her basically all my live, I have had the privilege to not only grow up with her, but also witness how her gift has grown on her. From a very young age, she has always had the special ability and sensitivity to look beyond what was presented in front of her. She sees a universe where others merely see one picture. And she has nature as her guide.

Acknowledging her gift from nature, flower reading was the obvious next step. When she first asked me to pick a flower, I couldn't think of anything that she didn't already know. But then, there are always things you don't know yourself. As the flower unfolded, so did new paths. 

With Imke you will find new ways and guidance on your journey. You will find answers before you thought of the questions. She has the spirit of a child and the wisdom of old age. She can teach you how to have faith and be patience. And most of all, she will bring a smile on your face from the moment you meet her.

I can only wish for you to meet her, sooner rather than later."

Ingeborg - Flower Reading

"Flower reading is a unique experience that already starts when choosing your flower for the reading. It's always surprising how the flower together with Imke  senses and appoints your  inner world at that moment And what your real inner 'I' and world desires or struggles with."

Annette - Flower Reading

"I enjoyed Imke's flower reading very much in the beautiful surrounding of her garden and cozy house.The reading was extremely accurate and I can only recommend it. She made a beautiful flower arrangement for my mothers funeral. I never told her about the flowers my mom loved but that were all in the bouquet she made, even in the colors she liked.