Grief Counseling

“Flowers have a special language and it’s one that communicates far beyond life as we know it.”

Grief counseling with flowers

I connect from my heart to yours


Loss in any context, weighs heavily on our hearts. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the emptiness that accompanies divorce, the reality of a child leaving home or anything else that burdens your spirit – it’s crucial to deal with your feelings to be able to move on. Grief Counseling with Flowers is a therapy that helps you to cope with your new situation.

At Flowers with a Message, we create beautiful arrangements that channel your feelings and tune into your emotions, helping you to heal. The fragile energy that flows between my client and me is very dear and I personally guide the entire process. The results having lasting and profound effects – even after the flowers pass on.

Altarpieces and graveside bouquets are some of the most common ways of using flowers to commemorate an occasion, but we also encourage you to use them to in less expected ways. Anniversaries of passings mark important milestones, and the role of flowers on these dates help to preserve special memories. Flowers like people, have their own unique personality. Everyone handles circumstances differently but the power within these curious buds can help you to see inevitable and unfortunate situations in a more beautiful less burdening manner.


What clients say

Terezinha – Grief Counseling

“It is good to go to Imke if you have to do grief work. Her approach is intuitive and it works. My dad deceased on 17/12/2016. He lived in Brazil and I have lived for many years in Belgium. I felt that I had to do something and Imke said that she could help. It was a fantastic experience. During our get-together and a few days after the session I felt many emotions and I managed to solve them. After that I felt like I freed myself. Now I can look at my fathers photographs with a sense of gratitude.”

Céline – Grief Counseling

“When I lost my grandmother I didn’t know what was going on with me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, many mixed feelings. When I went to see Imke it really helped me to get in touch with what I really felt. We made a beautiful flower arrangement and I even wrote my own letter for my grand mother in where I could say all the things I wanted. I placed my flower arrangement on her grave and I was proud of it. It  was a great relief and wonderful experience.”

Eveline – Flowers With a Message

“In april 2016 our world was rocked by the sudden death of the 7-month-old son of my niece! The world stood still!! Full of sorrow, disbelief, indescribable pain and powerlessness … we looked to the parents of our cute little Kees how they had to give this inhuman emptiness a place. Looking for comforting words Imke came on my path! With goose bumps, she listened to my story! She has made the most beautiful flower arrangement possible …. in where she shows the earliest young sprouting of life in nature. … with the most precious flowers which also emphasised with this story … The message contained an explanation which I hope the parents will ever find comfort ……For me it gave answers to recurring questions ….. words of gratitude!!

With care

For your grief counseling

Flowers with a Message additionally offers personalized services with your order. For more information, please inquire.