Imke den Hartog

Working with flowers makes me happy

Flowers and trees and yes, butterflies and bees…

I was born and raised in The Netherlands and I am (and always have been) inspired by nature. Nature serves my creativity and brings me closer to myself. And when I feel connected to myself, I experience a feeling of peace and contentment.

My parents used to take me for nature walks, often with our dog, and my father taught me everything he knew about trees and birds, including the auras to be seen around them. And on warm summer evenings, I would go with my mother to pick wildflowers. We would go deep into the fields, searching for rare and unusual species, and savor their beauty together. These experiences were and are, priceless to me and are where the seeds were planted to grow my love of flowers.

At the age of 16, I began working as a fashion model and once I’d finished school, this became my profession. I traveled the world over and lived in a variety of places. Later on I combined my work with studying the history of modern art in London from where I started my own art consultancy company. This experience is where the seeds were planted to grow my love of travel 

Eventually, I became a mother to 3 beautiful daughters. Feeding them and guiding them through life is an experience not to be matched and this experience, along with meeting many very different people with very different circumstances, is where my seeds were planted for my love of helping others 

I’ve always had a great sensibility when it comes to people. As a child, this was disturbing because for me, my mind was always busy absorbing the energies of others. I studied many different philosophies within the field of humanity and healing (Aura Healing, Aura Soma Therapy, Bach Flower Essences, Spiritual Coaching, Enneagram Coaching, etc…) and learned the art of analyzing people. From these courses and my own experience, I was and am able to canalize my feelings and understand yours.  

It’s not often one can turn their passion into their livelihood, so I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share my collected knowledge and passion for flowers with you. Flowers – these beautiful, fragile creatures – possess a powerful energy. I connect with them on a very personal level and they open me up to receive information, providing the ability to see what lies beyond the surface. Flowers can serve as a helpful tool when we’re looking for answers about situations that occupy and clutter our minds. They can help clarify uncertainties, worries and emotional disturbances of all kinds.  

Life is a journey and we’re all on the same ride – so let’s make the best of it. After all, there’s no manual for “how to deal with life”.


Blossom like a Flower

“Enjoy every day, stand up for each other, and help each other to be the best we can be.” – Imke –


My heart is filled with joy

Nature is my best friend

The greenery caresses my soul

To feel whole

And in love

With my life

The smile on my face

Is the expression of my heart

Although I want to spread my love

Deep and profound 

Old pain can be found

These are the treasures of my life 

To learn and grow and strive

To heal all that needs to be healed

And loved

Along the way

I intend to stay

In contact with my heart and my internal light

That shines so bright

I know it’s my power and strength 

To climb all the mountains 

To go through the rivers of fear

Each time I come more near and near

Myself my heart

Each day is a start

Of my life

I embrace all that is given to me

And I even see 

Beauty in the ugliness

Given to me

I rise

I focus on the light

And shine

As bright

To unite

With all that 



Poetry by Imke 

©Imke den Hartog