Every day, this time of the year, when I enter my garden

I am overwhelmed by the abundance off gifts that nature provides me with.

Apples are represented by so many. Pears, (more than twenty different kinds) gently fall of their trees so I can pick them up from the grass and share them with others. Walnuts, raspberries, figs,tomatoes, and the most beautiful dahlia’s,asters, roses, verbena and many more fall blossoms smile at me every moment of the day. It feels like each of them is happy that they accomplished some kind of beautiful task.

It’s the season of harvesting. Harvesting all that what we absorbed, inhaled, integrated, developed and grew inside of ourselves is now manifested and ready to be shown to the world and ready to offer it to everybody.

So others can take profit of their fruits of life. It is a time of offering and it’s a time of allowing ourselves to receive the offers given to us. 

Let’s celebrate, appreciate and honour autumns wonderful gifts.

Autumn celebration

THANK YOU for all the good that I receive. 

THANK YOU 🧡 to all people, challenges, situations(especially the tough ones)to be part of my journey to form me and develop that what I harvest now from within myself.

When I’m in my garden, either working in it, doing healing sessions, giving Flower Readings or walking I feel that the energy is so still and so serene. 

It’s the energy of autumn. After springtime, with its powerful energy of wanting to express itself and form new life. And after summer where everything is so open ready to receive the insects coming in order to spread and reproduce.

When I experience the change of season and autumn time comes in, I sense that the energy starts to slowdown to prepare itself to turn more inwards. Leaves, nuts and fruits start to fall of the trees. Like they are no longer necessary, they’ve done their job, lived their lives and accomplished their task.

It’s a good time to release the past and move forward with clarity as we start to prepare for winter to come, where we will incubate our own seeds.

Autumn celebration

The stillness of the fall energy shows me that it’s time to leave things as they are and take everything in prospective.

The golden light that is so much recognisable at autumn time

shines that light on the manifestations of hard work. It’s glorifying the beautiful effect of any achievement made.

The circle of life.

And how wonderful is it that nature shows us the way!!

Truly hope you enjoy this time of year.

Let’s dive deep inside ourselves to prepare and create our new life!

With love,