When I walked in the garden this morning, there was this smell, this wonderful soft, sweet, warm and gentle fragrance coming towards me. Like opening a cabinet in a perfume store. 

I stood still and literally sniffed deeply this bouquet into my nostrils. I closed my eyes and let it spread and flow through my entire body. Like if all of that wonderful fragrance goes deep into my cells.


Wow! What a delight! I felt like a bee sitting in the heart of my favourite flower. 

It’s the smell of a combination of peonies (there are 22 different kinds) and the roses, (blossoming abundantly since one week) and the alchemilla (lady’s mantles).

A flower is open to all that surrounds it; nature, light, the rays of the sun, the wind, the rain.

It radiates joy and beauty. A flower hides nothing of its own beauty, more even, it flows frankly out of itself. A flower shows, to everybody that surrounds it, all that is inside and what lies in depth. A joy for us to see and absorb. Everyone can enjoy the beauty and perfume of the flower. It makes no difference or preference between anybody.

A flower is so tender, so sweet, so loving, so close to us, it is always cheerful and happy and its presence fills us with joy.

All these blossoms together form an orchestra of aroma into this wonderful perfume which I call ‘mon jardin en juin’. 

I wish I could put it in a bottle and give it away!

These few minutes of consciously pausing and taking the time to absorb what appeared right in front of me, gave me such a great moment of joy!

We could all do this when we see a beautiful flower, to really look, feel and smell.  Just stop for a minute and observe. Just let it be for a moment and enjoy thàt what is presented right in front of us. 

Mon jardin en juin
Mon jardin en juin